College Recruiting Process


Welcome to the Kraze College Link, this is a resource for High School Players who wish to play in college. This page is a work in progress and is monitored and updated frequently. We will add new material and content as often as we can.  We have provided additional sub links under the College link which will provide samples and other information for the recruiting process.

Please note getting into college and playing on a scholarship is not as simple as playing on a Travel Team and waiting for Scout to find you!! Getting recruiting is a proactive venture and requires young athletes to know early on colleges they are interested in and have a good opportunity of playing for.

Players should start thinking about colleges their Freshman year in High School.  Depending on the Institution they want to play in, for example IVY League, they need to be thinking about PSAT as early as their Sophomore year.  Division I schools typically start recruiting for their Freshman Class, during the Summer between your Sophomore and Junior year in High School. The power-houses as early as your Freshman and Sophomore year. 

Division II and III schools will typically recruit later than Division I schools.  For example many Division III schools will recruit during the Summer between your Junior and Senior year.

Attending College Camps is one of the best ways to be seen by the colleges you are interested in.  Colleges offer camps at various times each year. Many start with Winter Camps in December and January and then have Summer Camps.  You should Visit the College website and find when their camps are held.  There are many camp pages listed at

Before you start going to camps, be sure you have identified the colleges you are interested in, use the Favorites List inside your SportsRecruits account.  Be sure you have a player profile and updated video for colleges to view.  You can find some recruiting resources at:

Once you have colleges ID'd and your profile complete, then you can start going to camps and emailing coaches.

If you have a question you should ask your coach or team college recruiting coordinator and ask for guidance. 






Carteret Kraze