Social Media 

Players, Coaches & Parents,

Social Media and an On-Line presence are some of the most powerful and influential technology tools out there. Weather you love it or hate it, for the foreseeable future it is here to stay. We have all seen what can happen when used incorrectly, however used correctly it can have very positive effects. To this end we have created some guidelines for our Kraze Teams, Coaches and Players.


Some Tips for Social Media:


  1. It’s HIGHLY recommended to have TWO (2) social media accounts.   One for personal things, the other strictly for recruiting purposes.
  2. Personal accounts should be PRIVATE, allowing ONLY close friends and family to follow.  It would be unfortunate to lose out on scholarship opportunities due to a lapse of judgement and poor social media posts. Do not worry about No. of Followers or No. Of likes.
    1. If you don’t want your college admissions director looking, don’t post it.
  3. Player Kraze account (instagram) handles should be professional and informative. Example: JaneSmith2018
    1. This account should have your grad year and your team
    2. This account should be PUBLIC (check with your parents 1st)
    3. Have your Jersey number and GPA
  4. FOLLOW, COMMENT, LIKE, TAG and interact with ALL schools you’re interested in WITH YOUR SOFTBALL PROFILE
    1. Especially Comment, everyone reads the comments and you’re more likely to be looked at.
  5. When posting with softball profile, always remember to double check spelling, grammar, and use appropriate language (no cursing or derogatory comments/posts)
    1. Have your coach and/or team page admin follow you
    2. Connect with fellow Kraze players
  6. Your recruiting account is not about getting likes, it is about having a place colleges can view you
    1. Do not worry if you have 5 followers, chances are college cannot like or comment, but they CAN view!!
  7. Post photos and video of quality plays and of you and your team. You do not need a ton of photos you need quality, you might only have 1 or 2 posts a month
  8. DO NOT worry about number of FOLLOWERS and LIKES, this account is not about likes, it is about having a presence that colleges can see/find/view you






Carteret Kraze